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Eden Prairie Cemetery located on Eden Prairie Road began in 1864 and was once thought of as the Cemetery for the EP Methodist Church that was first built on the corner of Pioneer Trail and Eden Prairie Road, close to where Grace Church is today. The land was first purchased by Alexander Gould. Records of the cemetery meetings go back to 1897. Five dollars was the price of a lot (eight grave sites) at that time.

Many of the early settlers are buried here. There is much to discover about the person buried below by taking the time to read their beautiful headstones.

Find the two Tombstones for Eden Prairie's two Emancipated Slaves that fought in the Civil War as young boys. Monroe Barker came shortly after the Civil War and lived with various farmers in Eden Prairie. He lived with the Miller Family in later years and helped caretake the horses as folks shopped at Miller Store. He was considered part of the family. He died in 1942 of old age. He purchased is own Tombstone prior to his death. It has been said that he was a child drummer in the war and he had lost one eye.

Ownership of the Eden Prairie Cemetery was transferred from the association board to the City in March 2022.

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