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The New Consolidated School opened April of 1924 complete with plumbing and electricity. Students went home to no such luxuries!

"Stars & Stripes Forever" was played on a phonograph and each student was given a small flag by the school Superintendent at the Grand Opening of the school. The History Center has the Opening Day Program.

The Gym was used as a community movie theatre in the late 20s and 30s. The town's housewives met in the Gym on Tuesday evenings to use "electric irons". Besides being a gymnasium, it was also used for lunch, school plays, school dances, Graduation ceremonies, and Eden Prairie Town Hall meetings.


The first graduation was the 8th-grade class in 1924. The first graduating class of seniors was in 1929.

The first school paper was published in 1926 and called the BUZZER. The name changed to the EYRIE in 1961.


The first Homecoming was on February 13th, 1931. EP beat Bloomington 29-16 in basketball. The Homecoming game event was always Basketball until 1958 when Curt Connaughty (Teacher and Coach) brought Football to Eden Prairie. The first team had 14 players.

The school colors "Scarlet & Black" were adopted in 1928. Prior to 1937, EP did not have a mascot. Sanford Dean (EPHS class of 39) recalls, "We grew tired of being referred to as the Eden Prairie lads"! Eagles sounded like a good name and no other school nearby was using it at the time.

In 1951 the north addition affectionately known as the "Sheep Shed", was completed. In 1957 the west addition was added. 1960 was the last class to graduate from the stage of the old Consolidated School. In 1961 the new Eden Prairie High School (today CMS) opened. The old consolidated school became an elementary school.

Today this beautiful Historic Brick School is Eden Prairie's School Administration Building. 


Original 1931 Version


"And when the Scarlet men go dribbling by,
The cheering hundreds shout their battle cry,
For Eden Prairie is marching on the floor,
Fighting the game for you for evermore.
And when the offense men go sneaking through,
They'll sweep the defense man aside,
When the Eden Prairie fights for victory,
Then Eden Prairie will win the game.
V-I-C-T-O-R-Y, Victory, Victory, YEA! EAGLES!"

2004 Version

"And when the Eagle teams come marching by,
The cheering hundreds shout their battle cry,
For Eden Prairie Eagles are the team,
That's fighting the fight for you RAH! RAH!
And when the red and black are on our side,
The Eagle spirit never dies,
For Eden Prairie fights for victory,
And to win this game.
V_I_C_T_O_R_Y, Victory, Victory, YEAH! EAGLES"



Eden Prairie Schools will hit the century mark during the upcoming 2023-24 school year.

To celebrate this landmark, the district will host a series of community activities and events with the City of Eden Prairie and the Eden Prairie Historical Society. Visit our Events Page for Details.

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