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In the 1890s when Eden Prairie was still a township, several areas developed into areas of commerce. One of those was Rowland. It was named after an area in Scotland.

Minnesota’s Rowland first appeared on maps in the 1890s. The Rowland Store and Post Office was built in 1890. The store was on Minneapolis and Shakopee Road just east of Bryant Lake. Minneapolis and Shakopee Road was designated County Road 2 in 1889 by the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners.

This road meandered in a southwesterly direction through Eden Prairie Township from the east side of Bryant Lake to its connection to what is now Highway 101 on the north shore of the Minnesota River. The segment of that road in the area of Rowland became Flying Cloud Drive.

In 1926, the state of Minnesota bought a highway easement from Orville and Carrie Johnson to build state Highway 5 and U.S. Highway 169. This easement was approximately one mile south of the Rowland Store. Where these roads joined created a Y and became known thereafter as “the Wye.” The Mobil Station and the Wye Café with the Flying Red Horse sign was built in the center of the Wye and the Wyeview Motel was built on land just to the east

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