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Pleasant Hill Cemetery was formed in 1885 on Pioneer Trail.

The Presbyterian Church of Eden Prairie once was right in front of the Cemetery. It is hard to imagine as Pioneer Trail has been widened. Early Presbyterians took their oxen carts all the way to the Bloomington
Church on Penn and Old Shakopee road, and used the old cemetery for burial on Lyndale and 104th Street. Jacob Wolf purchased the beautiful location overlooking the wide valley to the north with Mill Creek at the base of the hill, and Neill Lake in the distance. Loved ones were moved from the Bloomington Cemetery to Pleasant Hill.

The Anderson Clan (a large Scotch-Irish family), arrived in Eden Prairie in the 1850s. Elizabeth brought five sons, and five daughters with her.

Mary Jane wrote in her Autobiography "Here in our cabin were our happiest days. We had a home of our very own; we were young and hopeful; and with our little family and life before us, and always work to do and the strength to do it, what more could we ask?"

The church building was removed in 1966 and Section II was added to the cemetery. Additional cemetery land (Section III) was purchased from a developer in 1971. Ownership of the cemetery was transferred from the Pleasant Hill Cemetery Association to the City of Eden Prairie in 1987.

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